Robotics Club: It’s Time for Competition

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       In the Robotics club students design, program, and create a robot that is able to do certain tasks. The game this year is called VEX Robotics: In The Zone. In this game students are to design, lift and stack yellow cones on top of conical cones. The end goal is to earn more points than the opposite team. However, it is easier said than done. The rules include not being able to grab more than one cone at any given moment; they include a limitation on the number of components you can have and they state that everything must be confined to a box 18” x 18” x 18”. There are two types of goals, the tall stationary goals, and the short but movable mobile goals, with accompanying areas where the mobile goal can be placed to be worth extra points.  Students have two minutes to complete the tasks, with a fifteen second pre-programmed period, and a one minute and forty five second remote controlled period.

     We have a rough base for the robot but our decisions are not final. Therefore, we still have time to develop better designs so join our club and pitch in your ideas every Tuesday and Thursday!


By: Nick Fuscaldo and Bryce S.

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