Spirit Week, Pep Rally, Triple Wow! Add Huge Football Victory Against Riverhead For Perfect Homecoming Celebration

More Than Just a Game

By: Riah Sharma and Angela Boscarino

Homecoming 2017

There is nothing more inspiring than witnessing an entire community come together to share their love and support on one special day. This year’s Centereach High School Homecoming was no different as friends and family gathered to enjoy such a wonderful event in making memories that will last a lifetime. Like every year, Centereach High School kicked off its homecoming with a serious of skits performed by each grade. Given the theme of movie genres, our grades worked hard through the first few days of school to give their best performance. This year, each skit went above and beyond our already high expectations. The freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all stuck to their themes and left the judges torn on whom to give first place. Although the seniors did win with their emotional skit of graduating Centereach High School, the other grades were just as phenomenal. In the end our skits were successful as they illuminated on the teamwork of each grade. Every person had a special part in these skits and our students once again showed that there is a place for everyone in our school.

The football game was just as amazing! The Centereach Cougars proved that hard work pays off in their 43-8 win against the Riverhead Blue Waves. Of course, the game was a team effort, requiring each player to push themselves to work as hard as they could. However, special acknowledgements go out to Devin Demetres who started off the game strong, scoring a touchdown within the first thirteen seconds, teammate Alec Keirnan, who rewarded the team with another two touchdowns and shortly after Vinny Liotta who scored yet another. In his first ever varsity football game, Liam Webber also deserves a shout out as he outstandingly gifted the team with a two point conversion. We would also like to give a special recognition to the Centereach Cheer Team, who showed their everlasting support for the boys on and off the field! On behalf of Centereach, as a whole, we greatly applaud Kiernan, who played in honor of his brother, for his constant strength and persistence; his willpower never ceases to amaze us. Congratulations to the football team in its entirety; we all look forward to a season of success!



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