9th Graders Begin Their High School Journey With CHS Orientation

Freshmen Orientation 2017

By: Alexandria Ortiz


Centereach High School kicks off the school year with freshmen orientation. Students from all grades gathered together to make the freshmen feel comfortable and welcome. There’s no denying it, high school can seem scary and overwhelming. Firstly, the school looks enormous, making you feel small.  The white hallways are just confusing, even when looking at a map. You go down one staircase expecting to be on the other side of the school (even as I senior I sometime mix up the staircases.) Additionally the classes become more challenging and your unfamiliar with all the teachers. But you’ll find new interests and make new friends. Participate in class! Join a bunch of clubs! Get involved! That was the primary message to this year’s incoming class.  Let’s hope it sticks!

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