Senior Prom Earns Perfect 10! The Place, the Weather, the Music, the People!

By Annalie Buscariono


Strutting to the glare of laser lights and thrumming music of impressive limo buses, Centereach seniors approached Georgio’s Catering Hall with sentimental smiles and bubbling excitement. Donned in gowns and tuxedoes, students gazed in awe over the sprawling green that cradled their childhood dreams and aspirations. The breeze tickled the tiered hair of the girls and ruffled the suave jackets of the boys, who clicked into Georgio’s under a copper sun setting on their high school careers. In the bittersweet ecstasy of the day, the students made it an utmost priority to enjoy the accumulation of a lifetime of excitement that is prom. The venue, accessible due to the class of 2017’s excessive fundraising, galvanized students’ curiosity as they explored all of the nooks that made for brilliant photo opportunities. Sooner than they could exclaim, “cheese”, students were herded inside to a colorful display of dinner that satisfied even those who hadn’t been able to eat that day, among the rush of prom preparation. The remaining two hours of the night was consumed by endless beats and endless feet, as students crowded the dance floor to absorb as much of the night as they could through the tempo reverberating through the floors and their friends flurrying around the hall (especially Jason Levy, who spent much of his prom experience in the air). What was anticipated as the night of a lifetime came to a close all too quickly, turning away barefoot girls and sweaty boys to their respective after parties and camping experiences. Georgio’s caterers would go on to compliment the class of 2017 for being the most behaved and respectful group of students that year, which was announced at Centereach’s beautiful graduation ceremony three days later. Though having flashed by too quickly in the eyes of all who participated, Centereach’s prom perfectly capped the experience of four years of friendships and self-discovery, and should be remembered fondly in the hearts of all the students as they proceed towards their respective futures.


An Unforgettable Night

By: Ashley Gomez

June 22 was the day that all seniors were waiting for! It marked this year’s senior prom for the class of 2017! Taking place at Giorgio’s Catering Hall at Fox Hill, senior prom did not disappoint anyone. At the very beginning of senior year students were excited and full of anticipation for their long awaited senior prom. Girls began to plan their dresses, makeup and hair, months before the prom, while the guys looked for their perfect suits! Every student looked amazing and dressed up so beautifully for the night that belonged to them. With the most delicious and varying foods, different genres of music and beautiful scenery, the seniors knew that Giorgio’s was the right choice for their prom. As a student who attended the prom, I can say that it was a night that we will always remember!


By Ryan Kani

Prom: a time every high schooler dreams about. The magnificence, magicalness of what surrounds prom can only be described as extraordinary. And for the students of Centereach High School, the prom did not disappoint. Georgio’s, our venue for the evening, was filled with extravagant fixtures, spectacular surroundings and amazing people. From the music, to the food, to the chaperones, every moment was full of what one could call ‘magic.’ Prom was an unforgettable experience,  one that will live on not in infamy but in fond memory, amazement and for that too brief of a moment– incredulousness.

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