Valedictorian Demi Lambadis Talks About Her Journey


By Mehek Ahmed


Demi Lambadis is not only a talented dancer, but she is also an exceedingly successful student in her academics. Lambadis was given the honor as the Valedictorian for the class of 2017, while being recognized by the College Board for her outstanding performance in her Advanced Placement exams and her active role in the community of Centereach. She dedicates time to dance and competitions regionally and nationally. Additionally, she’s vice president of Leaders Club, participated in the National and Spanish Honors Society, and helps children in the Middle Country Public Library.


When asked Demi how she feels about being the valedictorian, her response was, “I have worked hard for it. I was motivated by a personal drive— to do what I could.” Lambadis was social and outgoing in her four years in high school. Her best parts of high school were seeing her real friendships and the transformation from freshman to senior year. She will remember “the good and bad people” that made an impact on her and aspires to always put her finest effort in all future endeavors. Taking AP classes and challenging classes helped pave her way to becoming Valedictorian.


Lambadis discussed the challenges she had in high school, making her a quintessential figure for the underclassmen. Even after having a concussion during the second marking period of the school year, she managed her time to double up the work she was assigned. She sacrificed after school activities along with dance after her incident and got through with little amounts of sleep.


Lambadis shortly will be continuing her education in Lehigh University for Biomedical Engineering. When asked about her future life in college, she admits her fear of this new transition and the challenges of associating with a new group. Regardless of her past struggles and prospects, Lambadis is determined to pursue a career out of her study to design prosthetics, and devices used in healthcare.


Demi Lambadis’ ambition and passion makes her a role model to students at Centereach. Her accomplishments and her ability to prevail through the final months of school make her an inspiration to students to have hope, despite the dilemmas that occur in one’s life.



Crosscurrents Reporters Interview Demi about her journey.

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