A Night to Get Lost in the Enchanted Forest: A Jr. Prom Success Story

By Tamzid Ahmad


On the night of Friday May 19, our school hosted a spectacular Junior Prom. This year the Juniors decided on the theme of an Enchanted Forest. Students who volunteered to set up the gym, did an amazing job with great decorations and backdrops. It made us feel as if we were lost in a Forest. The music by our spectacular DJs was also a key factor in the enchantment. They had great selections as well as great pacing. The juniors were put into a trance with the music, as they danced their hearts out. Everyone who went to the prom had a great time and it was surely a night everyone will remember. A huge thank you to everyone who had set it up, the parent helpers, the student helpers and our junior class advisers Ms. Stephens and Ms. Williams. They were able to make this night unforgettable.


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