Election Fever Keeps Rising–Who Should be Our Next G.O. President?

By: Co Editor-In- Chief Editor, Riah Sharma

While the vice president, treasurer, and secretary hold important positions in office, the most important person in any election is the president. A president must be able to make executive decisions at all times. CHS Crosscurrents presents an exclusive interview with our G.O President candidates, Zairel Luna and David Hatami. Zairel and David have had previous positions in leading their class. They are capable and intelligent leaders who will take their positions seriously. The competition is tough, but in the end one will win!

Candidate Zairel Luna has given us great insight on her views. Zairel believes that she should be the face of G.O. because she will make sure that everyone feels needed in our school events. She further hinted on the changes that she would like to make as president. Zairel explained that a majority of the class events in our school involve athletics but many people are not into sports. As president, she would like to get rid of the volleyball tournament and instead implement a musical and academic tournament, within class competition. She hopes that this may bring about the involvement of more people. In addition to her great ideas, Zairel states that she will continue to implement fundraisers such as the Rock n Rescue Dance and Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast.

Our opposing candidate, David Hatami has different ideas. David wants to run for G.O. because he believes that Centereach needs a new face to represent its people and its wants. He states that a “vote for [him] is a vote for the movement toward not just a school, but a community.” As a leader, David strongly desires to have Sakib Choudhury (running for G.O. Vice President) by his side. The two are promoting their campaign together and hope to make big changes for our school. If he wins, David hopes to organize a homecoming dance and a spirit week with pajama day more often!

Our candidates have many unique qualities. Hopefully their interviews have made you clear on who you want to vote for! Vote on June 1st and make your school a better place!



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