Why Should We Vote For You?


By: Co-Editor-In-Chief, Riah Sharma


It’s that time of the year again! A time where Centereach High School sees the rise of new leaders who want to make their class, and school a better place for everyone. Our seniors, juniors and sophomores are ready to take on any competition that they have to win an important role in their school. The newspaper committee was honored to interview many of the 2017 candidates running for president, vice president, treasurer or secretary for their grade. All candidates were asked one very important question, Why should your grade vote for you? The freshmen (running for sophomore class positions) are running as candidates for the first time. Many were nervous but their bright ideas made us hopeful for the future of Centereach High School. Sophomore class candidates expressed that they were organized, strong and confident leaders. As part of their class it is important that you get to hear the answers of your candidates!

Danielle Ruiz- Sophomore Class President

“I would be a good candidate for Sophomore Class Treasurer because I am very organized and will complete every task that is asked of me fully and diligently. I am involved in various school activities, so I am able to communicate and share ideas with other people. I am very compassionate in what I put my mind to and will work hard to get work done.”

Amanda Sauer- Sophomore Class President

“You should vote for me because ‘m trustworthy, confident, I’m a good leader (that doesn’t rule), and I am able to make sophomore year awesome and a lot of fun!”

Sam Scollo- Sophomore Class President

“I am a strong leader and when I set my mind to something I get it done. I am also a great listener and really want to hear all the ideas everyone wants to share. I plan to have tons of meetings and fundraisers to benefit us in our school.”

Brendy Galeano- Sophomore Class Secretary

“I would be a good candidate for secretary because I would make sure meetings are productive but still fun and exciting. I’ll listen to everyone’s ideas and try my best to have everybody be involved! I was freshman class treasurer and I would like to try being secretary.”

Gianna Gurovich- Sophomore Class Secretary

“To make the year better for my class.”

James DiCanio- Sophomore Treasurer

“I am running for treasurer because I am one: good with money. Two: I am hard working, determined, reliable, and intelligent. I am the right one for treasurer.”

Similarly, the junior class candidates showed a great deal of enthusiasm as they answered the question. These candidates expressed their ideas in their answers! Hopefully their responses can help you pick the best leaders!

Anthony Del Masto- Junior Class President

Vote for me to make CHS the happiest place on Earth!

Hailey McCoy- Junior Class President

My entire life revolves around class activities. My hopes for junior year is to get everyone involved in as many things as possible.

Ally Gorovich- Junior Class President

“Vote Ally G to ensure a more involved, more fun family-like class! She’s got your back.”

Cierra Bucke- Junior Class Vice President

“Provide everyone with fair representation for our junior year and make it as memorable a as possible.”

Rob Krat- Junior Class Vice President

“I am honest, hardworking, and responsible. I will listen to you and will fight for you! Helping people is my passion. Let’s make our junior year the best it could be.”

Juliana Dovi- Junior Class Secretary

“Go the right way and vote Jay! I’m hard working and will, to the best of my ability, make this the best year of your high school career!”

Finally, our senior candidates, who will be leaving us next year, were ecstatic to make their senior year the best. They showed a great deal of commitment to make their last year of high school the memorable for everyone! Here is what our seniors had to say:

Crystina Coppola- Senior Class President

“I am running for Senior Class President because I want to make the changes I’ve always wanted to see. I want everyone to feel welcomed and have their voices heard. My main goal is to make our senior year memorable for everyone and for every event to be as much fun as possible. After all the hard work we have put into high school, we deserve to have an awesome and rewarding last year.”

Frank DiCanio- Senior Class President

“People should vote for me because I am reliable, confident, compassionate, and hardworking. My goal is to have people that have not participated in class events to join in on the fun. I want to turn the dreams of the future senior class into reality, win or lose I am willing to give 110%. “

Hannah Hudson- Senior Class President

“You should vote for me because no one wants high school not to end therefore I will make our senior one that we all want to be remembered.”

Sarah Lafond-  Senior Class President

“I feel that people should vote for me because I will help our class take strides toward becoming even better than last year.”

Jordan Bordonaro- Senior Class Secretary

“I think I’m a good candidate for class secretary because I am very involved with all class activities. I play for school sports teams as well (softball.) I lost last year and this year I would like to return and try again.”

Brennan Salvadori- Senior Class Secretary

“I’ll make your Senior Year Out of this World!”

Jimmy Kinney- Senior Class Treasurer

“I feel that people should vote for me due to the fact that I transferred here in September and that gives me the opportunity to obtain diverse leadership experience that will be fundamental to making senior year great for all of us.”

Sometimes it’s hard to know who to vote for. We may not know who has the qualities that we look for. Truthfully, every candidate has a lot to bring to the table. We all have one question: In the tough competition who will take the lead?

By: Chief Editor, Riah Sharma






As part of the voting population, we think that it must be hard to lead a class. We question whether we may have the capabilities to run for a position and beat others in our competition. Did you ever wonder what it must then feel like for someone to run for a G.O. position? Upon running, these candidates are willing to devote an immense part of their life in making the school a better place for everyone. Not only do they have responsibility towards other students but they have a responsibility to cooperate well with each other. These candidates will be the face of our school. Our candidates show a great deal of courage by simply running for a position. Each and every candidate must have the power to overcome any obstacles in their way and have the confidence to win the elections. Once again, the newspaper club can proudly say that we were able to ask our candidates a simple question: Why should your school vote for you? Their responses were great and now it is our hands to pick the best candidate for the job.

Fariah Alam- G.O. Vice President

“Coming into CHS freshman year I knew I wanted to make a difference somehow. I want to be a friendly face for the students coming in and a defender for the students already here. Stop the hate; spread the love, Fariah Alam for G.O. Vice President.”

Sakib Choudhury- G.O. Vice President

“A vote for Sakib is a vote for the future. My campaign is all about moving forward. One thing I want to bring to the school is a homecoming dance. Vote for me for a better Centereach.”

Denise Dezendorf- G.O. Secretary

“You should vote for me for G.O. Secretary because it would be your chance to prove Centereach High School is so much more than just another school.”

Samantha Galdemis- G.O. Secretary

“I will dedicate my heart, soul, and time to the job. I want to help lead our school next year with absolute optimism.”

Joe Stallone- G.O. Treasurer

“You should vote for me because I am a funny person, who will make next year great and super enjoyable.”

Mary McLaughlin- G.O. Treasurer

“I am running for G.O. Treasurer because I love what our school represents and the many events that occur here. I feel that I should be G.O. Treasurer because I am responsible and involved in various school activities. I have many great ideas for this upcoming year and will make it the best one yet.”

Mike Velardi- G.O. Treasurer

“I got the skills to pay the bills #VotetheVelardiParty4GOTreeasurer”


by Sakib Choudhury



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