Poetry Slam Gets Our Attention!


Poetry Slam Hits Where Words Often Miss

by Sakib Choudhury

On Friday, April 21, Literary Magazine at Centereach High School hosted its second annual Poetry Slam. This event featured recitations of various poems, written by a handful of talented high school poets. The event opened with a poem about romance by Tyler Luu. What amazed the audience during this performance, was that Luu was able to recite the entirety of his poem straight from the top of his head. This displays the dedication that this student had to the writing of his poem. Next up, were multiple rounds in which each contestant recited a poem for each turn. The three participants who made it to round three, Abigail Cornelia, Nicole Sullivan and Alyssa Hudson, spoke with great eloquence through the whole event, rewarding them with their advancement through the contest. Cornelia spoke of the innocent joys that many people no longer experience as they grow up, while Sullivan tore at the emotions of the audience by discussing the horrors of death, and Hudson educated the audience on the real issue of racism in the country. These poets kept the audience entertained while providing a moral for which listeners could have learned from, giving them their positions as first, second and third respectively. Overall, the Poetry Slam provided a rousing experience for all to enjoy.



Poetry Transforms

By David Hatami

The Centereach High School planetarium was temporarily transformed into a scholarly hub of creative writing and expressive literature as Centereach High hosted their second annual Poetry Slam. At the event, numerous students of extraordinary talent competed for first place in a battle of rhymes. The contenders read aloud their compositions to a combined audience of students and teachers. The slam was divided into three rounds, with students in each round competing by reciting their original poems to the audience, and then receiving a score from several judges. The poetry consisted of poems of wit and humor, to wistful poems of love and regret. The recitations went on for approximately one hour, giving just enough time to the judges to determine who among the contenders deserved recognition for their lovely writing. Alyssa Hudson was awarded 3rd place, following Nicole Sullivan, who came in 2nd. Among one of Nicole’s poems was “Seasonal Change”, a poem comparing the abstract aspects of seasonal change to the various notions of life and love. In 1st place came Abigail Cornelia, who stunned the crowd with her three exceptional poems; “Lucky”, “Female Privilege”, and “Growth”, a poem which analyzed the universal question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and the expectations placed upon children at a young age. Despite this, each poem at this event was unique, and was sure to leave an impact on all those listening in on the readings on Friday.







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