Centereach Acapela Invitational Busts Out Sweet Tunes All Night






by Emily Bassett

Centereach High School celebrated its annual Acapella Invitational this Saturday night. Talented groups of singers from several Long Island schools awed the audience with catchy songs and amazing beat boxing. Within the crowd was MC Beats, the national female beat box champion of 2012, and both the Potsdam Pitches and Potsdam Pointer Counts. Surprisingly, the Potsdam Pointer Counts was an acapella group that one of our own teacher’s was a part of. Mr. Hough, the man behind many proud events that our school offers, joined the Pointer Counts on stage for their final number!

Completely wowing the crowd was Centereach’s two groups, the Perfect Fourths and the Testostertones. Men’s choir closed the first act with three songs, including the fans favorite “Heartless” and women’s choir opened with their own set of three songs.  A song that was particularly marveling to the audience was “Survivor.”

The Acapella Invitational can be considered one of Centereach’s proudest traditions. Year after year it inspires countless students to try acapella along with other forms of art.


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