Centereach and Newfield Together Celebrate Academic Achievement Over Long Island Bagels, And Why Not?

By Annalie Buscarino


Centereach High School Library–

Students craned their necks from beyond the library doors to catch a glimpse of the food lining the tables within; the distinct aroma of Long Island bagels catching their attention from the hallway. Administrators were scattered about the room, proudly exchanging pamphlets and conversations concerning the day’s event. Students buzzed in their seats, the sentiments of achievement and of anticipation finally settling in with the sunset of their high school careers. They, along with Newfield High School students, were being recognized for their placement in the top twenty-five positions of class rank, and after four arduous years of diligence, it was deservedly so. Each student was announced¬†before their peers and mentors in reception of an honorary certificate, a moment described as one of “intense pride and amazement” by the Centereach high school students. The breakfast itself was one of relaxation (though many Centereach students were discreetly studying for an

AP Government test given later that day, of course) and reflection, as students traded stories concerning their past accomplishments and potential future. The ambience of support generated by the event was inspiring in that it reminded the students of the rewards for assiduity and of the bounties of scholarly application. Both groups of high school students retain collective gratitude for the district and their efforts to recognize the ideal work ethics of the top twenty five and express a collective sense of commitment and ambition to the capacity of the future. As Carl von Clausewitz once explained, “If the leader is filled with high ambition and if he pursues his aims with audacity and strength of will, he will reach them inspire of all obstacles.” With the foundation of education they have been able to capitalize on these past few years, the top twenty five students have confidence that they will do just that- persevere, overcome obstacles, and carry their eager minds on to ultimate success.


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