The Little Mermaid: Beyond our Wildest Dreams

By Emily Dwyer


On Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18, the colors, beauty, and magic of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” came to life upon the Centereach High School Stage. The musical was filled with stunning sets, elaborate and impressive costumes, makeup, hair, and incredibly talented students. This show was not just actors and actresses on a stage. It was more than that. Each person became their character; they became the sea creatures, sailors, princesses, and more. Alexa Oviedo starred as Ariel in this year’s production, along with Lorenzo Jordan as Prince Eric. Both had the most incredible and powerful voices that fit the roles precisely and were inspiring to listen to. Flounder, played by Denise Dezendorf, made the audience smile and laugh and her voice impressed during “She’s in Love”, supported by the Mersisters. Alyssa Sposato as Ursula, and her two eels Flotsam (Madison McNally) and Jetsam (Leandra Wahlen), amazed everyone with their incredible voices, harmonizing, and sinister acting. Yarrell Ametewee as Sebastian, AJ Lafond as Scuttle, and Vincent Meyers as Chef Louis made the entire auditorium fill with laughter as they performed these hilarious roles. King Triton, played by Jonathan Freund, also captivated with his brilliant vocals and convincing performance. The ensemble pieces of “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl” were filled with energy and unanimity in their dancing and vocals. When the final scene ended the audience arose in a standing ovation at every show. Every actor, actress, stage crew member, cosmetologist, sound, costume, and lighting crew member should be filled with pride at the quality of the production and the magic it brought to so many children and adults. The show would not have been so spectacular without the remarkable directing and assistance of Mr. Hough, Ms. Verdi, Caitlin Brajevich, Lisa Groshans, Steven Uihlein, and Ms. Micheals. “The Little Mermaid” brought charm and magic to Centereach and was truly something “beyond our wildest dreams.”


The Little Mermaid Continues Tradition of Excellence
by Sakib Choudhury
Year after year in Centereach High School, the theatre arts department never fails to put on a fantastic musical for the public. They did not let us down this time around with this legacy. This year, Centereach High School put on the amazing musical production of The Little Mermaid, for all to enjoy. This musical was executed in such an orderly and talented fashion by all those who participated. It is safe to say that those who came to attend the musical were all blown away by the endeavors of those on stage. Everything from the harmonious melodies of the pit, the swift readiness of the stage crew, and the superb acting of the cast all came together to create a great performance. A defining moment of the musical was when the cast came out on stage during Scene V and performed “Under the Sea.” Those who participated did an excellent job in coordinating and executing their dance moves precisely and in a jubilant fashion. This show could not have come together if it were not for the efforts of the cast, pit, crew, cosmetology department and of course, Mr. Hough and Ms. Verdi and their contributions do not go unrecognized. Overall, this production was a very high quality one and hopefully next year will even top this one.

The Little Mermaid Not Little at All

By Riah Sharma, editor, Crosscurrents

As I grew up, I defined talent with one simple definition. This definition, simply and only, was to do well in school. I never saw talent beyond school work, but then I entered High School. Our school is a place where children from various backgrounds bring with them and make amazing things happen. These kids excel in numerous things, ranging from acting, to leadership, to school work or to music. They bring with them a uniqueness that makes our school special. This weekend, I was able to see Centereach High School’s production of The Little Mermaid. As the play started, my definition of talent began to transform. Everything in this production was perfect, from the cast to the music, to the stage crew, to the painters and cosmetology. All these people were behind one production. A production that represents our school on a level that is indescribable. They have cooperated every day and have worked so hard to bring the musical to its very best. Every year that I go to the musical in, I walk out in tears of joy and appreciation.  It is beyond inspiring to know that the people around me, my own friends were part of such a great production. They have their own kind of talent, a talent that I respect.  Every person in the play was amazing. They have made me realize that there is a lot more to the world than what I see. My own peers have proved to me that talent is not just excelling in school work. Through such mind blowing productions, we learn the importance of teamwork, and the fact that every person is significant. We all have a talent, and we all have a place in the world. I thank all the people behind this production for giving light to the talents of others and teaching me an important lesson. The production of The Little Mermaid is something that our school will never forget!

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