Grey Team Wins European Handball Competition!

European Handball Champs

European Handball Champs. Pic by Megan

On Saturday March 4, the National Honor Society of Centereach High School hosted its annual European Handball tournament in our gymnasium. The day started off early with teams going head to head, two teams at a time for 72 rounds of pure friendly fun competition. Each team had two minutes to score the highest amount of points possible to have their team win, and towards the end there were eight teams left to go in the second round.  As time went on there were two teams left to go, the Carolina blue team and the dark grey team. The final winner was team dark grey containing Kevin Amaya, Shawn McFarland, Jonathon Agostino, Ryan Dunn, Chris Witherspoon, Nick O’Connell, Emmanuel Jones, and ______.  They were each rewarded with shirts calling them 2017’s European Handball winners.  Congratulations to all the players who gave their time to participate in another successful Centereach High School event, which not incidentally, raised over $1,000 for a worth charity.

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