Seniors Scare Their Way to Class Comp Victory!


by Olivia Zhu

Each year students and teachers look forward to the excitement and exhilaration of Class Competition. This year, it did not upset. Stands were filled with participants, parents, and other students cheering on their class. Seniors started their night on the right foot, winning first place with their apocalyptic skit. Juniors followed in second, sending the crowds waves of nostalgia as they blasted through the past. The Super Mario Sophomores raced to third, leaving the freshmen, who put up a good fight, in last. Seniors would continue to win several events, including girls and boys tug of war. Congratulations to the Class of 2017 girls tug of war team who have won this event for 4 years in a row! The juniors lived on their legacy by winning the 3-legged race, and took first place in other events including tarp race, hunger games, and many more. Now that the freshmen have their feet in the water, they’re ready to compete better than ever next year, showing great potential by upsetting the sophomore girls tug of war team and earning third place for the event. Despite the juniors’ attempts to take the W, the seniors ruled, taking overall first place, juniors second, sophomores third, and freshmen last. Everybody had a great time and enjoyed the thrill of Class Competition 2017.


Freshmen Fight Their way to First Place in Multiple Events in Class Competition

By Thomas Polochak, Amanda Sauer, and Tyler Sharma

In their first class competition, the Freshmen not only got their feet wet and got inspired for years to come, but also came in first place in Pipeline and the Mystery Challenge. This years Mystery Challenge was water bottle flipping, something many Freshmen “practice” in their free-time. They overcame the odds, and won with time to spare. The Pipeline Event, which required teamwork and coordination, was also taken by the Freshmen. The Freshmen also came in third place in an epic Girls Tug-of-War where they beat the sophomores and Quidditch, where they upset the Senior class. The day was one to remember for the Freshmen, and they are determined to do better next year.

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