Centereach Robotics Club Heading to Competition

By:Victoria Heffern

       The Centereach Robotics Club led by Mr.Parinello has been running for a few weeks. The club utilizes programmable VEX EDR  metal robots that compete against different schools.  Our club is finally ready to announce the coming of our very first competition on February 11. The name of this competition is “Starstruck,” because the robots are to throw rubber stars as well as large plush cubes. The competition is taking place at Hugh Howard High School in East Rockaway, where robots will be going against each other for points. In a one game there will be two periods, the game-autonomous period which is followed by a driver period.

If you are interested, stop by room 96 and assist in construction, design, management and programming of the robot we have currently developed. See the full informational video here: .

If you are unable to come, please support our team and keep an eye out for further updates about the winners of our very first match!

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