Senior Variety Show “Our Big EX17” A Red Carpet Performance!

By David Hatami

This past Friday, January 6, the Class of 2017 impressively displayed their numerous talents in a grand assortment of skits and performances at Centereach’s own Senior Variety Show. The show was hosted by Jared Mcmahon and Tyler Luu, also known as the “Voice of Centereach,”who began the night with a whimsical stand-up comedy performance highlighting his lack of romantic relationships and the apparent need for both shoulders in everyday life. The show continued with a wide array of skits, ranging from a thug spelling bee to a kazoo instrumental performance of “Take On Me.” Other highlights include a “Miss Trash” beauty pageant, a synchronized swimming performance, an impressive optical illusion dance, and the yearly favorite skit of the teachers of Centereach, which this year had teachers reveal their deepest addictions to each other. The skit starred Jared Steiger as Mr. Steigele, Cassidy Treanor as Ms. Melfi, Declan Lavin as Mr. Seif, and Haley Timarky as Ms. Landgrover, among others. In addition to skits, numerous musical and dance performances on Friday left the crowd in awe. Paige Emerson dazzled the stage with a splendid choreographed dance performance, while Siena Moreles brought an end to the night singing “If I Ain’t Got You”, stunning the audience as a result. The widely acclaimed show was truly a “BIG EX17” for the departing seniors and class of 2017.

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