“A Chapter Ending but the Story’s Only Just Begun”…a fitting quote for this past weekend’s annual Senior Variety Show


by Angela Boscarino

A talented bunch of students gathered to collectively put together a night full of entertainment from comical mockery of our favorite teachers to creative skits/acts showcasing the talent of the class of 2017. The night was kicked off by hosts Tyler Luu and Jared McMahon, who captivated the audience with their continuous humor and wit. Each year the most anticipated skit is, of course, the senior’s hilarious interpretations of Centereach’s own faculty and staff. This year, the audience found themselves supporting a diverse group of teachers at an Addictions Anonymous meeting. Here we witnessed Mr. Bernardino learning cope with his obsession with Starbucks, Ms. Melfi begin to accept her extreme passion for exercise, Mr. Steigele admit his infatuating love for his son and unborn daughter, Ms. Byers confessing her undying affection for Leonardo DiCaprio and many more teachers accept and reveal the truth about their personal addictive struggles. Of course performances by some of Centereach’s most talented musicians and dancers will not go unnoticed; Sienna Morales, Brianna Lloyd, Lydia Hollander are just a few to mention for their outstanding and memorable acts, Omar Guatemala-Santos also stunned the crowed with an original piano piece that rewarded him with a very well deserved standing ovation. Entertaining skits about anything and everything kept the audience on the edge of their seat especially as we learned about some P90x and the skill required to perfect the air drums. As the night wined down, it was easy to say that tears were shed both of laughter and bitter sweetness as all participants of the show gathered on stage to enjoy a slideshow summing up the past four years in high school. The wonderful night showed the importance of coming together as a whole with love and support before it’s too late to do so. Congratulations to the class of 2017 for putting together a night as entertaining and fun as you did.

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