Centereach B’Ball Powers Past Newfield on Road to Playoffs!


By Caroline McParland


Centereach’s Varsity Boys Basketball team did not fail to impress our crowd on Tuesday, January 3rd in their highly anticipated game against Newfield. In the first quarter, the Cougars were off to a slow start, losing 9-17 late in the first quarter until the game’s leading goal scorer, Shawn McFarland, completed a basket off of Ryan Dunn’s breakaway with .4 seconds left in the quarter. The play resulted in a foul on Newfield, which led Dunn to complete his foul shot and gain another point.

Ending the first quarter on a more positive note led to a better start in quarter two. The Cougars rivaled Newfield’s offensive skill with their strong defense and managed to create defensive turnovers and receive countless rebounds. 15 of these rebounds were credited to McFarland, while Chris Witherspoon and Ryan Dunn had 10 rebounds each. Although Centereach was still down in the second quarter, Witherspoon’s breakaway and basket allowed the Cougars to catch up to Newfield with a score of 33-34. By the end of the third quarter, the Cougars and Wolverines were tied 36-36 and both sides of the bleachers were anxious and persistent in cheering for their teams. The score remained tight for the entirety of the fourth quarter. Jon Agostino played a big role in the Cougar’s lead as he completed his foul shots and layups in the last quarter. When the last buzzer rang, the Cougar Crazies in the crowd were pleased with a final score of 59-50 against their rivals. Josh Washington picked up 1 point, Joe Sear had 2, and Ryan Wheeler ended with 4. Ryan Dunn finished with 10 points, Witherspoon and Agostino had 13 each, and McFarland led the Cougars with 16 points.

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