Bump, Set, Spike– Game Over!

By Ashley Gomez

This past Saturday November 19, six teams went head to head for a fun filled day of competitive volleyball that would result in one victor hero team in the Centereach gymnasium.  It started out with the teams competing in fifteen rounds to determine elimination positions.  After hours of hard play, the teams took a well-deserved lunch break to rebuild a much needed energy supply.   In the playoff rounds, the tie dye team won sixth place, followed by the pink team, which consisted of the teachers, then the red team and the purple team.  In the final playoff round between the blue and white team, the blue team won the day 25-9.  The blue team consisted of Eric Russo, Blake Bernstein, Nick Corsaro, Tom Robbert, Anthony Willms, Vinny Liotta, and Justin Cromer. Thanks to all the players we were able to raise a $1,000 to help promote cancer awareness.  It was a great day filled with fun and good sportsmanship.  Thanks to all the players, staff, helpers and special shout out to Elizabeth Perez for taking amazing pictures!

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