Jungle Book Performance Earns 4 Howls****

By: Camille Torres


Ms. Duryea “dared” to do another children’s play, and we are glad she did.  This past weekend, November 4-5, Ms. Duryea’s theater troupe performed with great energy and costumes Rudyard Kipling’s timeless Jungle Book. 

The Jungle Book successfully came to life at Centereach High School this past weekend. The endless hours of hard work and dedication truly shined as all three shows were executed wonderfully. The production could not have been made possible without the gracious help of Ms. Duryea, stage crew and lighting crew, whom all devoted large portions of their time to make contribute to such an entertaining production. In this play, young Mowgli realizes he is only human after believing he was a fierce wolf his whole life. Set during the late eighteen hundreds in India, the story focuses on Mowgli’s struggle to accept and discover his true identity and make the difficult choice to stay with his pack or begin a new chapter in the real world. The play certainly captured the essence of the well-known film and over-all was an incredible turn out. Of course, we would like to recognize some of the students who made this show as special as it was, students who brought their own charisma and flair to the stage and executed a show worth every minute of, Bradley Berdecia as Rudyard Kipling/Mowgli, Erin Metsendorf as Fielding/Shere Khan, Emily Bassett as Hanley/Tabaqui and even more who pulled off wonderful performances for a night to remember!


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