Trick or Treat Street a Highway of Excitement and Laughter!

By: Riah Sharma

Monday, October 31was a day that the students of Centereach High School had been vigorously preparing for. It was a day to show the spirit and hard work of the numerous clubs that they take pride in. Students wanted to create a joyful ambience for the little kids coming to enjoy their Halloween. We are proud to say that these students have succeeded.  Trick or Treat Street was a blast! All of the clubs had brought forth amazing activities and fun for the kids. The children had expressed a great deal of excitement and their laughter was enough to show that they were having fun. The work and dedication put behind such an event has created a sense of pride towards our school. We were able to live up to our expectations and those of the parents who had brought their children. Everyone enjoyed Trick or Treat Street and the event was such a success due to the enthusiasm and commitment of our students. We thank them for their efforts and know that they will continue to make Trick or Treat Street enjoyable for everyone!

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