Best College Choice Not Necessarily the Ivy League

By Sumaiya Chaudhry and Laiba Qureshi

As students get closer to their senior year of high school, their minds should be set on where they want to go from there. Maybe a college or university will satisfy them or maybe it will be the desire of traveling around the world that will do them good. That solely depends on the student and what they believe is best for them. Many believe that the best universities, mostly the Ivy Schools like Harvard and Princeton are the places for success, but what if honors’ colleges have the same goal and get you there with a lot less cost? There are three distinct differences between honors colleges and regular colleges. Honors college classes tend to be smaller in seminar size, with only 10 to 25 students. A small class size means your instructor can get to know you better and that he or she will know your name, you are not just a number in a sea of people. This could be helpful when you need extra help, a deadline extension, or even a letter of recommendation. Honors’ colleges often focus highly on a specific topic, meaning, if you are super interested in that topic then you don’t have to think twice about signing up for a semester’s worth of it. Another main difference between the two is that, class time in an honors course has great potential to be even more interesting, since the format of smaller classes is commonly open for discussion rather than basic lecture. Plus, part of your grade may be determined by your level of participation. This proves that, honors’ colleges, though secluded in the states, have the same goals as any other college or university. They promise to bring out the egalitarian quality in their students. They promise that students will be treated equally and feel as if they belong. These colleges provide the opportunity for their students to explore the things they have not yet been exposed to. The colleges allow the students to become socially active and increase their knowledge in a wide amount of topics. The colleges also allow students to explore new depths of the world. If honors’ colleges allow the same opportunities as regular universities, why not give them a try? Consider a future in the hands of an honors’ college.  Don’t get caught up in the hype that the only path to success is through a very very expensive Ivy League College especially when many career choices require graduate school, which can be very very expensive.  It’s your money!

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