Trump vs. Clinton, Who Really Won?

By David Hatami


On Monday evening, here on Long Island, Hofstra University hosted the very first 2016 Presidential debate. For 90 minutes straight, Republican nominee Donald Trump fiercely sparred against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton about a multitude of issues, varying from economic growth and immigration, to NATO and defeating ISIS. The two brutally lashed out at each other during the course of the debate, often carelessly interrupting each other. While Trump accused Clinton of essentially “creating” ISIS, Hillary brought up the fact that Trump lacked a plan to eliminate ISIS. Not only this, but when Trump was asked by the moderator to explain a recent claim he had made that Hillary simply did not have the presidential “look”, Trump countered this by assuring that he had only meant stamina. In response, Hillary stated that when Trump spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee “he can talk to me about stamina.” More than 84 million viewers tuned in to Monday night’s debate, making it the most watched Presidential debate in United States history, right after the 1980 debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. This may be due to the strange circumstances surrounding this year’s election; a renowned celebrity billionaire taking on the wife of a previous President. Many now argue who deserved to be the winner of Monday night’s debate. We may not know who really won, but we certainly know who really lost; the American people. It is their jobs, their children, and their health who are in the hands of these two candidates. Generally, the audiences of these debates view the debates only in pursuit of some sort of entertainment. These debates should be taken more seriously, for the issues discussed will be the issues that face the new President in 2017, whoever that may be. The candidates should be prepared to carry the burden that is our nation’s everlasting problems and debt which will be placed upon their shoulders in January’s inauguration. Be sure to catch the Vice Presidential debate, taking place on October 4th, between candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.

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