Spirit Week, Pep Rally, Homecoming Football Game– All CHS Victories!!!


Homecoming 2016, Wow!

By Brendy Galeano

Saturday, September 17, was our annual Homecoming with its football game and skits. All grades participated by performing their own unique skit. This year the theme for             the skits was Disney. The freshmen came in last place with their Lion King / Jungle Book dance, the sophomores placed    third with a Pixar themed performance. In second place, were the juniors with an exciting under the sea act. Finally, the seniors came out with a Disney princess themed skit, bringing them first place. Despite ending up in fourth place as a freshman, it was very exciting to practice and perform skits for the first time. Later on in the day everyone’s adrenaline started pumping.  The CHS varsity football team took on Half Hollow Hills East. The crowd was ecstatic with a final score of 7­0 cougars.  This year’s homecoming was definitely one to remember!  See you next year!



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