Spirit Week Centereach Style!


By: Riah Sharma, Angela Boscarino, Angela Parente and Tiffany Flores


During the week of September 11, the students and staff of Centereach High School took on sprit week! Monday was the first day of Spirit Week. It was the first day to show your enthusiasm and spirit toward Centereach High School by dressing up as your favorite movie character. Whether a Disney cartoon, or realistic movies you could be anyone you wanted to be and many students in the school took this to their advantage. Many people dressed up like Lilo from Lilo & Stitch. This was a famous Disney movie set in the fifties about a little girl and an alien. Others  dressed up like Harry Potter, Napolean dynamite and Pebbles from The Flintstones. It was surely a great movie Monday! Tuesday, in my opinion was one of the best days in spirit week. Students could get up brush their teeth, brush their hair and just go to school in pajamas. Tuesday was truly a lazy day we didn’t have to care what we looked like as we just went to school in our pajamas. This day could have definitely been the most popular. Students went to school the same way they woke up they had their pajama pants on, their bunny slippers, and even their robes. It was honestly the most to lazy Tuesday ever in history. On Wednesday, we had Woodstock Wednesday where the students dress as if it were the 60s and 70s. A variety of flower crowns, tie dyed tee shirts, bellbottom jeans and the infamous Ozzy Osbourne sunglasses, fled through the halls. We can’t forget the others who were spotted wearing beads, fringed shirts, cutoffs and festive dresses; some even went all out by wearing wigs and putting on face tattoos. The students definitely wore some groovy outfits during the school day making it feel as if we had time travelled back nearly sixty years. Tropical Thursday was to follow, as everyone dressed their best, ready for a day at the beach. The most vibrant and eye catching prints and colors splashed across the outfits of those participating, making it hard to be in a bad mood. Hoola skirts and lays were everywhere to be found, accompanied by sunglasses and flip flops. The day made us all wish summer was still here. Friday was the day we had all been waiting for, it was the ultimate day to show school spirit. Students would be able to get out of classes early and attend the pep rally. Everyone was excited! Students came into school with the Centereach High School colors, ready to exhibit their spirit. We were all surrounded by a fun and happy ambiance. Friday was a big day for the sports students and a fun day for the rest of us! It was definitely a great day to end of our spirit week!






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