A Night to Remember


By: Class of 2016

Since we’ve entered high school we’ve been hearing all sorts of prom stories; stories about how it’s quite possibly the most stressfully dramatic time of your adolescence, but at the same time it’s the best night of your life. For Centereach’s Class of 2016 it was a well deserved, entirely earned break. It was a formal night of closure and unity before embarking on the next chapter of forever, a night to reminisce and cherish both the good and the bad that came along with the whirlwind that is senior year. Most importantly, it was a night entirely for us.

The class came together one last time to celebrate the end of an incredible four years, and the results were rewarding. Students and staff filled the tastefully decorated room dressed to the nines for a night of dancing, great food and even greater friends. The beautiful venue along with the personalized photo booth made for runway worthy pictures and the company made for stories to last a lifetime.

It wasn’t until the last song played and students began collecting their belongings that you were able to look around and truly appreciate the moment, to realize that some of the people in that room you might not see again until the ten year reunion, to recognize that Centereach High School definitely isn’t perfect but it certainly has created some perfect moments.  Prom, whether it be the best night of your life or not, absolutely was a night to remember.

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