Mordente, Michelli, Monthie Say Good-Bye!



Ms. Mordente Is Retiring!  Say It Isn’t So!

By: Alexandria Ortiz


One of the beloved teachers of Centereach High School is leaving us this year. That teacher is Ms. Mordente. Ms. Mordente has been a teacher for 17 years, 16 of these years in our school. She has taught business law, accounting, sports management, web design, career financial management, and consumer goods. Ms. Mordente is also the advisor of DECA and fashion club. When asked what she will miss most about teaching, she responded with interacting with the kids. One thing she will not miss is getting up at five o’clock in the morning (teachers don’t like it either). After retiring, she plans to travel. Some trips she will be taking are to Tahiti, Vienna, and Canada (again.) Before Ms. Mordente leaves us she would like to express her farewell, “Good Bye Centereach – it was great while it lasted!  I will miss seeing students every day and working with such a great staff.  I will think of you every time I am on a golf course or flying away on non-school holidays to a great vacation!  Enjoy your time here and remember there is light at the end of the tunnel.” She will be missed immensely!

After 40 Years of Being a Nurse

By Ashley Gomez

After 40 years of being a nurse, 14 alone here at Centereach High School, Kim Michelli, our school nurse, retires this year.  After all these years, she describes her experience here as rewarding and memorable. Some of her best experiences involve interacting with the students and being involved with the music department, and going on field trips with the Life Skills Department.  Jokingly, being around tall people was also a perk!  The only thing she could complain about working all these years, is the same thing everyone who has ever gone to Centereach can complain about, which is waking up at five in the morning every single day! Following her retirement, she plans on working part time at Suffolk Community College and spending time with her grandchildren.  She described her proudest moment working here was when she helped a student and could feel she was making a difference in that kid’s life.  On behalf of the student body, we would like to thank you for your time here at Centereach high school.

Farewell to Monthie

By Solyman Hatami

After 20 years of working at Middle Country Central School District, the time has come for Ms. Monthie to unfortunately leave. A stalwart member of Centereach’s math department, she teaches college calculus, but has also taught a variety of the other math courses during her years here. In addition, she has been the Math Team’s advisor for the past 15 years, overseeing and organizing, as well as taking the club on countless field trips, meets, and competitions.

Reflecting upon her earlier years of teaching until now, Ms. Monthie has not noticed much of a behavioral or social change in students.   Having thousands of adolescents come and go in her years, she commented on the increasing prevalence of technology in the classroom, especially the influence and versatility of teenagers’ cell phones. But regardless of what changes in the future, Ms. Monthie has served her time well in MCCSD, leaving Centereach with mixed feelings. The faculty, the staff, and especially the students will all be missed. You will be missed as well, thank you, Ms. Monthie.



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