Death at Disney Case Solved at Penultimate Nick of Time Before Final Bell!

By Gianna Boscarino

On May 26, 2016 Centereach High School transformed into a crime scene staged at Disney. Straying from last year’s theme, this year featured the death of Detective Brennan and Mickey Mouse himself. Fifty staff members took part in this year’s event, taking on the personas of their Disney characters through both attire and behavior. The first crime scene was set up in the auditorium lobby portraying a dinner gone wrong and a dead Mickey Mouse slumped over in a chair. Under the staircase was Detective Brennan lying face down with a bullet hole right through the head.

As detectives wandered the halls questioning some of the suspects, the lab worked on lifting prints and fibers, documenting evidence and identifying cause of death. Hours of putting heads together and examining evidence it was discovered that Disney was hiding a secret. They were being sued for illegally hiring immigrants on HB-1 visas and replacing American workers with them. A file was found near the body and fingerprints were lifted that pointed to Walt Disney, Mr. VanSchiak, as the killer of Mickey Mouse. He killed the mouse in fear that he would leak his secret to Detective Brennan. Meanwhile, doses of heroin, slanged “Pluto” were found in his system which helped students discover that the dwarfs who were operating a heroin ring had killed Detective Brennan assuming he was there to shut them down. It was revealed that Dopey, Mr. Cianci, had killed Detective Brennan.

The suspects were arrested just in time for the last bell and the mysterious death at Disney case closed.



By Staff Reporter


A horrific double homicide occurred at Disneyland last night.  Mickey Mouse and Detective Tom Brennan were found dead during the early morning hours of May 26, 2016.  To help solve the case, Disneyland called upon the Forensic Team of CHS to investigate.  A team made up of forensic students worked the two crime scenes and collected evidence while other students went out and interviewed potential suspects.  It was a daunting task as there were 50 possible suspects.

The investigation began by the processing the evidence and information gathered by detectives. The students began to narrow down their search using a process of elimination and by sixth period the murderer of Detective Brennan was starting to come to light.  All the initial evidence pointed to Dopey being the perpetrator who shot Brennan in the head.  In the end, fibers, hair, DNA, firearms and footprint evidence sealed his fate and Dopey was arrested for the murder of Detective Brennan.  The motive, as confessed by Dopey, was to protect the dwarf’s heroin distribution ring.  Dopey thought Brennan was there to expose the ring but that is not why Brennan was there.

Detective Brennan had gone to Disney to meet with a secret informant.  That informant was Mickey Mouse.  Mickey had information that the H1B Visa scandal was bigger than reported by the media.  Mickey was going to expose the shocking facts that Disney was going to replace all of the workers with foreign hired workers to save money.  Who of course had the most to lose?  Why Walt Disney himself.  The students examined the evidence at Club 33, where Mickey was found dead.  Hair, DNA, firearms, glass, bite marks, and footprint evidence helped to prove that it was Walt Disney who injected Mickey with a combination of heroin and arsenic.  He was hoping to make it look like an overdose, but the medical examiner performed toxicological test and showed the arsenic was the cause of death.  Another job well done by the Forensic Team of CHS!

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