Asian Heritage Month Celebration—Monster Turnout!

Asian Heritage Month Celebration—Monster Turnout

A Festivity of Equality

By Staff Reporter

In too many regions in the world, races and cultures are not universally welcomed and accepted as they generally should be. This is not the case in Centereach. On Thursday, May 26, 2016, Centereach High School held their annual festival to recognize Asian culture in the United States.

The cultural celebration was a massive accomplishment for both the school district and all those who participated. Asian culture from countries such as India, Taiwan, China, and Turkey was showcased in the form of music, food, and extraordinary performances.

This significant triumph will be remembered because of the will of the staff and students who participated to express their race and culture. This event took a very long while to prepare and coordinate for all those who strived for it to succeed. The night was wonderfully synchronized and beneficial towards CHS, its staff, and students.  Special thanks for all the hard work!

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