Centereach and Newfield Creative Writers Stage Poetry Slam Bam!

The First of Many: Centereach Takes on a Poetry Slam

By: Angela Boscarino

This past Friday, students from both Centereach and Newfield had the pleasure of enjoying the first ever Literary Magazine Poetry Slam! One of our very beloved teachers here and also at Newfield, Ms. Cohn, rallied together her students to organize and participate in the Literary Magazine’s first of many slams. The Literary Magazine is a wonderfully crafted compilation of poems, excerpts, short stories, and artwork created by the minds and talents of any students who would like to share their creativity with the school (be sure to pick up a magazine when you can!). Very recently the idea of a poetry slam came about and before we knew it, our thoughts turned into plan, which happily became a reality.

By definition a slam is a competition at which poets read and recite original work; and that is sure what “went down” Friday afternoon. Poets would enter a series of three rounds, each round reading one poem and depending on the score decided by judges; they would advance to the next round.  Eventually, at the end, a winner would be crowned our first annual poetry slam champion. Friday, the title went to sophomore Abigail Cornelia. She sure blew us all away with her emotional and well written poems. Not only was each word of all of her masterpieces carefully crafted, we also could feel the passion in her voice. She was truly deserving of winning. Congratulations Abby! Of course a great shout out to all those who shared their pieces of writing as well.  This couldn’t have happened without you all.   Literary magazine has big plans to continue slamming and hopes to host several a year. This would allow more people to participate and also help fund the club to continue on to do bigger and better things. The afternoon was a success and we could all agree that the next slam is keeping us on the edge of our seats! Bam!

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