Students Slammed With AP Exams! The Adversities of an AP Student


By Omar Syed

Spring Break is typically time for students to shut off their brains as the harsh winter slowly evolves into the more tranquil summer, which all of (well most of) us love and cherish. However, all around the nation, students in advanced placement classes will be trapped indoors and cramming for these arduous exams while isolated from the rest of the world. Sophomores are fortunate enough to be taking only one or two of these brutal examinations, whereas some juniors and seniors will be taking up to seven of them. These tests will begin right after spring break. Not only are they immensely difficult, but many students will simply score terribly due to the sheer amount of stress which has been put upon them. We fear rejection from our dream colleges and universities if we don’t do exceptionally well on these tests. The fact that AP tests cost $90 each certainly doesn’t help lessen the anxiety. Teachers such as Mr. Moore (AP Chemistry) and Mr. Steigle (AP US History) have been preparing for these impending exams for weeks.  However, due to the sheer volume of these courses, many students will simply not be prepared unless they rigorously apply themselves to the best of their abilities and beyond.  The solution to easing stress levels resides in whether or not our nation should limit the number of AP exams students can take. To quote the lyrics from the  popular hit song “Stressed Out:” “Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days,” when education was more about learning and discovery rather than stressing out over too many AP exams.



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