Centereach Celebrates Broadway

By: Christopher BakerHamilton


Centereach High School’s music department truly never fails to put on a great performance. Our annual Broadway Night on April 11 was a composition of different Broadway musical songs performed by extremely talented young singers, musicians, and actors. The transitioning from every musical was flawless. Even if you lacked any knowledge of what the musical the song was from is about, the actors put on such a good show in such little time to give us a good idea of what the plot and themes were, especially from the lesser known works of art. This year we were privileged to see kids from all grades choose songs from The Lion King, Hamilton, Lès Mìs, Aladdin, Phantom of the Opera, and more! Whether it was in a duet, solo, or a group, each and every performer brought their A-Game and truly, but thankfully not literally, broke a leg. It’s quite inspiring to see the talent our school holds, and Broadway Night certainly burnished the pride we all hold for Centereach High School!

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