“Herstory is Told in Centereach!”


By Christopher Baker

This year’s Women’s history celebration took place in Centereach’s library, and it had an unexpected huge turnout! Students from all grades and many staff members attended to learn about “Her story”, and it’s safe to say the event was extremely successful!

Centereach’s own Ms. Fitterman was in charge of the entire thing, with the help of many dedicated volunteers who made well thought out posters of women’s achievements and helped prepare to make this a wonderful experience. Ms. Fitterman’s own sister, Perri Carol Fitterman, Esq., was a guest speaker. She spoke about experiences she’s had in her own life where women were unfairly held down and underestimated. She also argued the points that unfortunately, neither the United States Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence were ever meant to include women’s rights.

After this inspiring speech, the hosts Sam Galdemis and Fariah Alam introduced a few students to read out loud some famous poems about the strength and integrity of women. By the end, the audience was left with a strong sense of pride for women, and now if they didn’t know it before, they definitely understand that playing like a girl is something to be proud of!

Centerach High School Presents Women’s Herstory Month Celebration

By: Sakib Choudhury

On March 31, 2016, Centereach High School hosted a Women’s History Month celebration. The celebration consisted of guest speakers and performances to raise awareness of women’s history. The event began with an introduction given by Samantha Galdemis and Fariah Alam. This was followed by speech by a special guest speaker, Perri Carol Fitterman. Ms. Fitterman graduated from Centereach High School in 1975 and went on to accomplish many things in her life. She later went on to graduate from SUNY Buffalo Law School with honors in Constitutional Law and Gender-Based Discrimination. She then worked for the Nassau County’s District Attorney’s Office then became Assistant Town Attorney for all Supreme Court litigation in Suffolk County, notably the first woman in that position.  Ms. Fitterman discussed issues she faced in her life as a woman and how she overcame them. She also discussed instances in law where women were not treated equally and how the law has progressed since then. Following Ms. Fitterman’s speech was a recitation, by Zairel Luna, of the spoken word poem,  “I am an Emotional Creature,” written by Eve Ensler. Next was a performance, by Faryaal Bokhari, of another spoken word poem, “Pretty.” Lastly, Hailey McCoy performed a piece she wrote herself called, “Play Like a Girl.” Overall, the event allowed the audience to learn about the hardships that women faced, and still do face, and how one can better these problems.









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