Behind the Curtain “West Side” Family

By Emily Basset

When many go to see a performance, they find themselves so caught up in the characters and the story that they neglect to see the actors behind it all. What a viewer might see as chemistry between two actors on a stage is brotherhood off of it. Behind that curtain, the cast is a family, and I’m proud to say I’m part of that.

While working on the production of West Side Story, I had the opportunity to get to know my friends a bit better, but I also got the chance to make new friends. The girls I got to know the most were my beloved “Jet Girls,” with whom I danced the same number endlessly for weeks. Through the show, I had a chance to make friends with people I wouldn’t normally have interacted with because of grade differences or our different social circles.  In fact, just because of this show, I became great friends with someone I wouldn’t have expected to befriend at all. It’s strange to think that in only a few months, I made a friend who always knows when I’m upset and won’t leave me alone until I smile.  There is more to show business than you think.

I also know I’m not the only one touched by this experience. Ask around if you need proof. The cast of West Side Story is a family. It may be large and a bit dysfunctional, but we all put blood, sweat, and tears into making it what it is.

We worked together, we laughed together, and we cried together. We did ALL of it together, and those memories are what made us a family.

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