West Side Story Brings Tears and Cheers!

West Side Story: A ‘Cool’ Night to Remember

by Angela Boscarino


On the weekend of Friday, March 18, the students involved in this year’s production of West Side Story came together to create outstanding performances for the community. Lead roles were given to the highly talented Michaela Catapano and Isaiah Washington who completely transformed themselves into the characters straight from the musical. Michaela perfected the beautiful accent of Maria, while Isaiah nailed the role of Tony, both bringing together an impeccable show. For months and months, the performers  dedicated what seemed like all of their free time to recreate such memorable renditions for the community.

West Side Story took a twist on the well-known play, Romeo and Juliet, both of which followed the story of forbidden love between two teenagers. From entertaining dance numbers to dramatic, gut wrenching verbal scenes, the actors truly put on a moving show that left the audience with an impacting and valuable life lesson.

It goes without saying, the hard work of the drama department at Centereach High School was reflected greatly through their incredible performances, outdoing themselves once again.


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