Frost Valley Proves Value of Teamwork!

By Brittany Kani

As I walked into the gym for Frost Valley looking to see who is in my group, I had a feeling I would be with great people. I was indeed with a great group of friends. To start off, it was a bit boring because there was a lot of talking. Then, as the day went on it progressed and became such a fun day. The activities we did were fun, but on the other hand some were boring, and I didn’t want to do them. And some were so difficult that everyone wanted to stop and give up, but we couldn’t move on until it was completed, so we had to work as a team to get the job done. We were given multiple breaks but then got right back to work. It was a hardcore day. Overall, this experience taught an important lesson and everyone should apply it to their lives.  Frost valley made everyone become closer (literally because we were always so close to one another) and was a way to have fun but learn at the same time the value of working together.

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