National Foreign Language Week Speaks to Students!

By Mehek Ahmed

The week of March 6 was National Foreign Language Week. In the year of 2016, Centereach High School has taken a distinctive turn in their approach of celebrating this special week during school. With over 6,000 spoken languages around the globe, the students attending Centereach have utilized their time efficiently to demonstrate their own language during class periods. These students have established awareness of languages that are common but are not taught in most schools in the district. Ranging from people of various different cultural backgrounds and nationalities, foreign language teachers have taken the initiative to assign each student to create a presentation of a language they know or speak at home. The languages that were presented this year were Bengali, Creole, Farsi, Filipino, and Mandarin Chinese. The presentations overall have given people an outlook of the variations between several spoken and written languages. Additionally, it taught people more about where each language derived from depending on their origin. Accompanied by the students’ substantial role, the celebration has distinguished heritage and individuality among peers.


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