Humans of Centereach

Humans of Centereach High School

“I think it would have to be when my dad passed away. I learned so much about life and time. I learned how to deal with the loss of a person so close to you and how to help with my mom. I had to learn to not be selfish. It’s hard sometimes. My sister is kind of going through a phase right now actually. I became more responsible and more mature because I had to, really. I learned that life isn’t always going to be there and you have to take things just how they come sometimes. I learned how to learn and how to cherish everything that happens. One of my favorite memories of him actually is – you know that song “Kung Fu Fighting?” – he always did this little dance to it. He would have one leg up and he would, like, shake his upper half. It’s just one of my best memories of him, and it was such a little thing that he did. It just makes me and my mom and my sister all think of him and laugh. It’s the one thing we all remember the most.”













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