Black History Month Celebration At Centereach High School


By Sakib Choudhury

On February 29, 2016, Centereach High School hosted a Black History Month Celebration. The night featured everything from empowering speeches to smooth jazz performances. The celebration began with the singing of the national anthem by Isaiah Washington, which was so good that it received three rounds of applause! Following that was a speech on jazz by Dara Douglas, accompanied by a solo jazz performance on saxophone.  Later in the night, Dr. Jarvis Watson, the Assistant Dean of Multi- Cultural Affairs at Stony Brook University gave a lengthy, yet inspiring speech. He talked about different ideas ranging from remembering where one came from, to notable black figures that have taken risks to gain their success. Although his speech was lengthy, he kept the audience intrigued by referring to modern-day stars such as Beyoncé and also offering free t-shirts to those who asked questions. Next up, the second place essay contest winner, Alyssa Hudson, recited her essay. Her essay discussed issues that black people faced in the past and still do today. This was followed by a bass performance by Keenan Paul Zach, which got the whole audience clapping along to the beat. Lastly the first place essay contest winner, David Hatami, read his essay aloud. His essay highlighted the idea that racial relations have improved, but not as much as they should have.  It was a night filled with spectacular performances and speeches. Not only did it discuss black culture with everyone, but it also informed people of the modern day issues that black people face. All over, it was a great night with many learning experiences.

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