Stony Brook’s Dr. Watson Gives Inspirational Talk for Attaining Success

By Riah Sharma

Centereach High School hosted its annual Black History Month Celebration which was influential and inspirational to all as it has been every year. One of the key speakers during the event has succeeded in bringing encouragement and change within the whole audience. Dr. Jarvis M. Watson, assistant dean for multicultural affairs in Stony Brook University, had a powerful, and meaningful effect on all present in the event. Not only did he bring a sense of confidence in students but he led to an understanding that one’s goals can be achieved no matter what the situation. Mr. Watson started of the night with an intriguing speech, leaving a long lasting impression on everyone. His presentation illuminated on the strengths of being a leader. He brought light on the importance of many things and will always be remembered in Centereach High School. Mr. Watson, started of his impactful presentation with explaining the importance of always remembering our culture and background, as it will allow us to become stronger and confident in who we are. A crucial aspect he elucidated upon was listening to our intuition. Furthermore, he discussed the meaningfulness of taking risks. Although, it may sound fallacious, taking risks can lead to an augment in confidence and unanticipated opportunities. Taking risks can cause one to learn from mistakes and boost their courage. Author, Jody Hedlud had once said “there is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs”. Mr. Watson emphasized on pursuing success rather than just waiting for it. The taking of risks can be a leading factor in this success. He shared his story with the audience, explaining that he had written down his goals in his diary and even today he opens it up to check off on what he has accomplished in the past few years of his life. Illustrating, that we are all capable of reaching our goals and must not stop until we are content with who we have become. Moreover, Mr. Watson discussed the importance of good relationships. In our life we all have people we look up to and these people are necessary. However, there will also be people who will bring us down but it is important not to pay attention to them because one day we will prove them wrong. We all strive to leave a legacy and Mr. Watson came to our school to make us realize that we can make a legacy for ourselves and be remembered positively. Every person in the audience experienced a life changing speech and thanks to Mr. Watson every child in that room will remember his influential words and always keep them in mind during times of need. We will all one day become successful and he will have played a great role in our lives. The students of Centereach High School and I personally thank Mr. Watson for the impact he has had upon our lives. His words will always be remembered and his legacy will live on in the hallways of Centereach High School.



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