Pops Concert Brings It All Together!

By Chris Baker:

It’s not every day you get to see a group of hugely talented musicians perform together at an all around amazing show. The 2016 Pops Concert wasn’t just good for the audience to listen to, it was a performance that taught younger players in the ensemble about patience and teamwork, while allowing the seniors to go out with a bang!

Though each group killed their “phantom” themed performances, it couldn’t have been done so smoothly without the cooperation of every single Centereach musician! And that’s the special thing about CHS music, every individual always brings something to the table and our shows and performances rely on more than just who’s the best player; it relies on us as a group and our passion that we all have for music.

The 2016 Pops concert was surely one to remember with awesome performances by each group, and a rare combination for Phantom of the Opera, conducted by Ms. Wesnofske, which ultimately led to a standing ovation!

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