Seniors Hip Hop Night Away With Music, Dance, and a Whole Bunch of Laughs!

By Anthony Roman

The 2016 Senior Class Variety Show was a major success that showed off the many talents of the Seniors through comedy, music, and dance. The atmosphere of the audience proved how enjoyable the performance was, as they were laughing, cheering, and even getting emotional together. Some of the highlights for dancing included the “Turn to Stone” dance solo, which was gracefully executed and had beautiful lighting to go with it, and the “Evolution of Hip Hop”, which went through over a dozen different dances in a few minutes showing the progression of Hip Hop dances over time. For musical performances, there was “Happy Together”, which was done by the Senior members of the Men’s Choir with voices that worked together extremely well, and “A Whole New World”, a duet by Isaiah Washington and Michaela Catapano that was absolutely beautiful and fit their voices perfectly. Additionally, for comedic performances, by far the funniest skits were the ones involving student portrayals of their teachers. In “Mean Teacher Tweets”, the “teachers” read tweets written by students pointing out funny things about their teachers, while in “Teacher Family Feud”, the teacher imitations were competing against each other in the game show with all of their answers corresponding to the personality or classes of the teachers. The show ended with a slideshow of pictures of the graduating class, showing the many moments and experiences that the Seniors have shared together to the audience. These Seniors will likely be taking a lot of different paths after they graduate, so it is phenomenal to see them working together to create this show during their final months of high school.

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