Humans of Centereach



“I don’t really know what I believe in. I was raised in a family that was Christian. I’m a Buddhist; I try to be really generous because that’s really the whole point of it. I’m not that good at meditation, mostly because I can’t stop my brain from thinking. That’s where my insomnia stems from. I travel a lot though and that helps. In Buddhism there’s the Eightfold Path and the Four Sacred Truths. I take it as you have to speak kindly, try your best to never be a participant in the death of anything, even in a spirit. The ultimate goal is to reach Nirvana, believing in reincarnation. Really, if you say you’re a Buddhist then you’re a Buddhist. My parents didn’t know I was a Buddhist actually until last weekend, they don’t really care though, they don’t seem to care for anything I do. They’re just kind of closed off I guess.”

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