Variety Show Proves Seniors “Got Talent”

On Friday, January 11, Centereach High School hosted its annual Senior Variety Show, this year honoring the Class of 2016. Perhaps, being a senior myself, I am a little biased but this year’s show was one of the best. The class managed to pull off two acts of non-stop laughter and talent. It featured everything from song mash-ups, dancing numbers to skits gently mocking not only some of the school’s favorite teachers but even some of the students in skits like “Kids in Gym” or “At the Movies.”

The show balanced the talent with the laughs in such a matter where it didn’t feel as though there was too much of just one thing. The Mean Teacher Tweet skit along with the Teacher Family Feud, featuring Nick Flaim as Steve Harvey, and Zach Quinn, Victoria Selg, Kyle Hollowell, Ryan Schubert and Kevin Callahan as some of the teachers, seemed to get the most laughs. The audience went crazy when artist Mike Reality took the stage rapping one of the songs off his mixtape. Women’s choir and men’s choir gave incredible performances and even broke into smaller groups to sing duets, mashups and medleys of their own. James Vann and John Stanton gave us “I would walk 500 miles” in a way we have never heard before; Hailey Tirado, Rachel Schaaraschmidt and Tina Lomando gave such a beautifully raw performance of See You Again and Magen Wolmart took the stage with a piano solo of a song she wrote herself. Erica Medina and Nicole Fellone had the crowd in awe when they sang a pop medley that featured some of the best songs of 2015.

The show concluded with a slideshow that presented the class as a whole, all the way from freshman year to variety show rehearsals. As a senior who entered this school already longing to graduate I can honestly say that while it is great to be excited for the future, it is so important to not get so caught up in it that you forget the present. Because, I promise, it truly does go by faster than you could ever imagine.

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