Senior Variety Show “A High Note”

By Emily Bassett?

On Friday night, Jan. 8,  people of all ages gathered in the auditorium to enjoy a night of pure entertainment. The night was filled with songs, dances, and comedic acts, all performed by Centereach’s own seniors. The class of 2016 certainly put on a show!

Among crowd favorites were “Mean Teacher Tweets,” which displayed several of Centereach’s staff and faculty’s members’ reactions to student tweets about them and “Teacher Family Feud,” which pitted eight teachers against each other in a battle of wits with a Miss Universe-style ending. Another comedic skit performed showed us the most accurate breakdown of a high school gym class ever seen, creating six categories into which every student could fall into.

Of course the variety show included the musical talents of several students. The seniors of the Women’s Choir preformed “The Star Spangled Banner” and “Salute” by “Little Mix” wonderfully, and the seniors of the Men’s choir preformed “Happy Together,” spectacularly as a quartet. We also got to observe as the history of hip-hop was laid out before us. One senior performed a breathtaking lyrical dance to “Turn to Stone,” leaving the audience captivated and entranced.

All these marvelous acts were separated by short little skits given by two talented, comedic emcees with the sheer desire to make us laugh. They opened the show with a dig at airline announcements and kept our attention throughout the show with jokes about “Tommy Bell” and modern day pop culture like skinny jeans and Star Wars. Never once did they fail to make us chuckle or laugh at each other, the true talent falling in these two categories.

The show concluded with an emotional slideshow, projecting memories of high school years past. The stark emotion in the auditorium was palpable as the audience watched this group of young adults grow before their very eyes. The old photographs showed the best of times behind the seniors, and we hope they can see the best of times ahead of them too.

Thank you, class of 2016, for sharing your talents with all of us, and may your futures be as bright as the smiles you put on our faces.

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