“Daring Do-ers” Eric Rodrigues and Gianna Boscarino Take Polar Plunge!

We are adding a new column to CrossCurrents and calling it “Daring Do-ers.” It will feature students from around the school who take part in something a little outside the box. Whether it be for a cause or just for fun, you have a chance to be featured on our website. If you would like to share your story or you know someone who would please tell them to contact the newspaper club, we meet every Friday after school or get in contact with our adviser Mr. Nielsen. We’re looking forward to the stories you have to share!

Our first entry features students Eric Rodrigues and Gianna Boscarino who took part in the annual Polar Plunge this past November at Cedar Beach.

The Polar Plunge is a dive into the open ocean to raise both money and awareness in order to sponsor an athlete for the Special Olympics here in New York. The Special Olympics is an organization dedicated to people with disabilities, allowing them to display and recognize their athletic talent and potential in competition. The event focuses on breaking society’s barriers between those with intellectual disabilities and those without them. The Special Olympics has 65,665 athletes training and competing year-round in 22 Olympics-style sports and by participating in and raising money for the Polar Plunge you can play a part in sponsoring one of these athletes.

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