Advanced Placement Achievement Breakfast Recognizes and Celebrates Academic Excellence!



By Crosscurrents reporter

This Wednesday in the library during 2nd period we recognized 45 students who scored a 4 or 5 on their AP exams last May.  These most deserving juniors and seniors were congratulated for their hard work and academic achievement.

The following students were in attendance:


Buscarino,  Annalie  R.

Coffey,  Michael  A.

Debonis,  Dante  A.

George,  Lisa  S.

Lee,  Troy  M.

Russo,  Eric  J.

Scott,  Emi Ly  K.

Bassett,  Thomas  E.

Bello,  Jonathan  F.

Borrero,  Alissa  K.

Boscarino,  Gianna  M.

Boyle,  Tara  A.

Buzaid,  Luke

Catapano,  Michaela  E.

Dickerson,  Samantha  T.

Engh,  Melissa  D.

Farina,  Andrew

Farington,  Danielle  K.

Flaim,  Nicholas  D.

Gomez,  Jacqueline

Gonzales,  Kelsey

Graff,  Gregory  D.

Grolz,  Kyle  R.

Hatami,  Solyman

Jia,  Sicheng

Khan,  Salaar  M.

Kovalevich,  Ryan  D.

Meigel,  Lauren

Mitrani,  Rebecca  D.

Napoli,  Emily  R.

Obrien,  Jessica  A.

Piazza,  Salvatore

Quinn,  Zachary  J.

Ragone,  Michael  A.

Rodrigues,  Eric

Rogers,  Olivia

Scarola,  Alexa  E.

Sorrentino,  Nicole

Tahir,  Mosayyab

Uwaoma,  Uchenna  G.

Uy,  Naomi  G.

Vannostrand,  Peter  M.

Vath,  Joseph  F.

Yanik,  Eliz

Young,  Melody  W.




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