Centereach Art Out Loud! Jacob Siegelbaum

Hello, it’s Jacob again 🙂


Jacob Siegelbaum, or otherwise known as, “JacobJams” in the “Designer Toy” art scene, is an “Artist In Residence” of “” (an online toy store) and has been working in the Designer Toy scene for over 4 years now!
His work was featured in many art magazines and blogs including “”, “”,””  “”, “”, “Clutter Magazine” and many more!

His pieces have been displayed in galleries in NYC and New Jersey. He works in resin and silicone, which are plastics used to make molds and casts of the pieces he designs and sculpts.

His most recent piece, “The Nurikabe” was an exclusive at “NewYork Comic-Con” at the “Tenacious-Collective” at Booth #208.

He based the piece off of a Japanese folklore of a Japanese Yokai, or spirit.

The Nurikabe is a spirit who was originally illustrated as a large, grotesque, dog, And would shape-shift into a wall to block the paths of travelers who wondered in its path. Through history artists began to illustrate the creature in different, unique ways.

Here are some pictures of the Nurikabe:

Both pieces are exclusives to both, “” and “”

named, “TenaciousToys Blue” and “SuburbanVinyl Green”

If you would like to see more of “Jacob Jam’s” work, go head over to his social media accounts at:

Instagram: Jams2001

Facebook: Jacob Siegelbaum

Website: (Note: his website is still under construction)


For more information on the DesignerToys, UrbanVinyl, and ArtToys, please go to this link or copy and paste into your search engine:




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