Attention All Deserving Juniors!!!!

Scholarship-300x291 1By: Mehek Ahmed and Riah Sharma


Many low income students with high grade point averages have the capability to attend the top colleges. Sadly, these students do not have the opportunity due to their low incomes. This offers privileged students with money an unfair advantage over those who are unable to pay. However, QuestBridge, a non-profit organization allows the impoverished and intelligent students to go to their desired colleges. The organization grants full scholarships to a variety of colleges. It has risen to become “the biggest player” in prime college admissions. Stanford, Amherst and Pomona are just some of the diverse elite colleges that are part of this organization.  Furthermore, the organization presents a lucid and incomplex approach to students, avoiding “complex talk of financial-aid forms and formulas that scare away low income families”. It has a simple message which states “if you get in, you can go”.QuestBridge acquires many techniques that are beneficial to students unlike private scholarships. It uses “traditional databases” and “networks of high school teachers” to recruit students. The application designed for students to tell “the story of their lives” is to be turned in no later than September.  Imagine going to Stanford with a four year free scholarship, you can be the next person to reach your dreams! If you are interested go to and give yourself a chance to win a scholarship because you have the capability and now the money to achieve your goals.



Source: ‘A National Admissions Office’ for Low-Income Strivers

By David Leonhardt



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