Goodbye to Our Beloved Friends

Teacher bye

Goodbye to Our Beloved Friends


Teachers are leaving,

Students are crying,

But remember they will be starting a new chapter in their lives,

So we should be happy for them.


We will truly miss them.

They will leave the school as an example for the next teachers to set.

No one can replace the original,

No one can take back what they’ve done for the school and the students.


As they leave; they will leave behind a footprint of their love,

So this is goodbye to our beloved friends.

They will never forget their home away from home,

They will always show off their stripes,

They will always have their cougar pride.


We dedicate this poem to our beloved teachers, leaving and/or staying who over the years have been like best friends or family to our student body. We would like to thank all the teachers for all of your kindness and support, and your help to the student body academically and sometimes even emotionally. We can truly never take back what any of you have done for the school and the student body; you are all amazing. We hope that you will never lose your cougar pride because in the midst of it, you will remember all the struggling, anxious, or unhappy students that you have helped. Never forget your home away from home will always be this high school. For all the teachers leaving, we hope you all start wonderful new chapters in life, and as for the teachers staying, we hope that your stay at Centereach High is cherished and filled with lots of smiles. Thank you all. <3 


By: Josephine Ferrara c:


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